Mudra: a gesture towards health

From the depths of creation seeds are born to grow and prosper. Movement allows the petals to dance on their stem, carrying joy to our hearts with intoxicating perfume. Jewels from the earth bless us with potential and possibility, touching our skin with brilliance. Mudra communicates these precious gifts to the altar of sensory divinity.

Generating the intention to deliver beauty and elements of the sacred to the community, Mudra is a collective vision of art, healing, music, poetry, movement, and decoration. Mudra will now specifically offer an integrated style of Asian Systems bodywork, aromatherapy, flower essences, jewel therapy, henna body art, and classes in classical storytelling dance of Northern India known as Kathak.

The integration of Asian systems with Western modality has been an ongoing resolution manifesting throughout my life. I believe my experience and familiarity with the ancient principals of the east regarding bodywork, art, lifestyle, and spirituality supports the embodiment of Mudra, a gesture towards health. Creating a space of comfort rooted in earthly elegance, a session at Mudra offers restoration and regeneration of body, mind and spirit through dance, bodywork, aromas, flowers, and gems.

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