Energy is available to everyone equally. Eventually, however, all which is balanced leads to imbalance and back to balance again. As humans, we all connect to energy. I believe hands on modalities are powerful conduits for connecting energy to our bodies. The healing properties in herbs, flowers, and gems flow through contact to the skin and body as well. Our body is our temple and our vehicle for living. It needs to be cared for consistently in order to have a vital and meaningful life. The healing arts are efficient methods to provide our bodies with energy and dynamic flow.

Appreciation and movement can be generated from an energetically applied session of therapeutic touch. The key to somatic perception is touch, opening the gate to our physical embodiment. Both energizing and calming, Asian bodywork is beneficial in the process towards health and relaxation. Founded in ancient structure, Asian Bodywork is primarily based on the five element theory and corresponding meridian pathways in the body. Using a variety of techniques, points are stimulated along the pathways, thus tuning the organs and thereby affecting all aspects of health. Mudra offers the following modalities of bodywork:

a Japanese technique of massage based on the meridian pathways in the body.
Tsu-bo or pressure points are accessed through whole palm pressure and gentle rocking. Stretches and joint mobilization are also incorporated in the traditional shiatsu session.

using the same principles than Chinese medicine, acupressure points are stimulated in
specific patterns based on an assessment of the client’s needs.

Traditional Chinese massage using particular hand techniques to achieve different effects on the system.

Tibetan massage based on ancient texts for healing the body and establishing vitality.Magnets- Both Chinese and Japanese traditions use magnets to enhance relief. Based on the inherent polarities in the magnets, energy is conducted to and from tsu-bo points, thus balancing the system.

A deeply soothing application of essential oils along the spine and feet allowing full penetration of the oils into the affected areas. Combined with deep tissue massage, this is an aromatically blissful session.

Application of heat and cold to achieve benefit to the tissue and system.

A safe and healthy connection between therapist and client is created through the exchange of intention and reception. Noetic associations are inspired through activating body awareness. The natural inclination for the body to heal itself is opened through somatic interaction. With creativity and aspiration, bodywork becomes a gentle and effective modality for kinesthetic application of body knowledge. Familiarity with our bodies ultimately leads to an increased sense of physical clarity and awareness. With conscious direction, a body worker creates a new dialogue for every body. The skeleton and muscles structure practical understanding; individuality motivates artistry.

We all need bodywork. In our stressful and active lives, our bodies can become imbalanced, causing aches, pains, and pathology. Applying a unique and eclectic perspective to my services, I persevere to progress in the field of health care and wellness. My offering to this everlasting continuity is to provide solid, skilled, and appropriate service in the healing arts. Circulating energy, the client becomes an integral component in the path towards balance. Every session is unique and dynamic while being grounded in structure and strategy to achieve goals set by both client and myself. My progression through the arts has created a foundation for integrating the spirit with body. In this alchemical process, energy is formed which can be of potential access to a therapeutic relationship.
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