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Gems and minerals are profound gifts from the Earth, the Sky, and all the elements of crystallization. Working with the stones has given energy and inspiration to the jewelry made by Nyika Designs. Combining her natural and intuitive connection to the stones, their respective colors and frequencies, and to her evolved artistic aesthetic, Yamuna has created jewelry to heal, adorn, attract, soothe, and aid the spirit in its quest for truth and beauty. The art piece is contained in a multi-layered process accompanied by the creative vision. With vibrant ranges in style, Nyika designs jewelry for women and men. Exploring unique and esoteric stones with sophisticated design allows for subtle energies to infuse the body, mind and spirit with blessings and transformation. Motivated to enhance and enrich the task of healing through living, Nyika creates medicine jewels for the benefit of realizing spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.

The powers contained within gems and minerals have fascinated humans throughout history. Cultures around the world have accessed their potent energy to assist in healing, communication, ritual, harvest, and spiritual development. Radiating organic beauty and brilliance, nature’s ornaments have provided us with a kaleidoscope of jewels with which we can both adorn and heal.

Each gemstone has its own specific resonance based on the solidification of certain energies. Chemical composition, color, hardness, and luminosity all contribute to the minerals’ effects on humans and the environment. When correctly matched, minerals can have an extremely beneficial influence. With transcendent intention and application of will, the jewel can provide external support to aid in the assimilation and synthesis of universal energies. The presence of nature’s beautiful gifts can open the door to the healing process.

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