Since her birth, Yamuna Wali has had an intimate connection with Asia and the creative splendors of the Silk Roads. Descending from Afghan and European heritage and born in northern India, she has been exposed to dance, art, music, culture, and spirituality from both East and West. Her gifted sense of rhythm, grace, and movement has bridged eastern and western modes of life and artistry. In addition to devoting much of her life to the perfecting study of yoga ,Kathak, classical dance of India, and the Silk Road Dances, she has also given much attention to the pursuit of knowledge and Western movement. She has recently received a Bachelor’s Degree in Expressive Therapy, combining psychology with various modes of expression. In the past several years, Yamuna has been working with gems, minerals and sacred objects, creating ornamental medicine jewels to decorate and heal both body and home.

Uniting ancient arts with the progressive present has been profoundly inspiring Yamuna’s vision of art and performance. Beginning dance in the womb of her mother, she later established a link with the stage as a young child. Yamuna has accumulated rigorous years of training and a myriad experience of production and performance to create Nyika, an expressive mandala communicating the magic of creative alchemy through dance, movement, storytelling, art and healing. With eyes in both worlds, Nyika unveils the limitless potential available when the science and wisdom of sacred arts join to create a dazzling display for any audience.

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